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Start Writing for National Board Certification!

It’s not too soon to start writing for NBC.  Most teachers need to spend some time discovering what they are thinking. Many believe they have nothing to say!

So start doing some freewriting!  Write about what you have done well; go ahead and focus on successes.  If you write about your successes, you will feel encouraged and you will discover more things to write about.  You will learn about your teaching.

If you are sufficiently warmed up and want to tackle the portfolio in a meaningful way, then start thinking and writing about problems you had last year.  By problems, I mean issues that turned up in your teaching.  Did students have difficulty with a particular concept even though you planned thoroughly?  Was a lesson easier than you thought it would be?  These are the everyday issues that teachers face.  They are normal and to be expected.  The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards understands that.  An accomplished teacher faces challenges and difficulties that all teachers face.  The difference is that accomplished teachers seek solutions to these challenges by reflecting on their teaching, finding support, and planning according to the needs of students.  Show the assessor that this is what you do.  Make your teaching intentional.

Writing at this early stage will allow you to see what you are thinking and will allow you to express some of the goals you have for the coming year.


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