Achieve NBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional development to teachers and schools with a focus on writing, technology, action research and reflective practice.  We also provide adult education in a variety of areas by affilated instructors.

Millie Rey is an adjunct professor at The University of Chicago and Concordia University Chicago.  She has over 15 years of experience in writing and research instruction including work with ESL students.  She has been working with teachers going through the process of National Board Certification since the 2005-2006 cycle.  She has provided support to over a thousand teachers.  In addition, Millie is pursuing a PhD in sociology specializing in education, the professionalization of teachers and the organization of schools.  She is available to give talks, courses and projects for schools and districts that will improve student outcomes and support teacher growth.

Tony Casella is a co-founder of Achieve NBC.  He is a master collaborator, problem solver, and technology specialist.  Tony creates value for partners and organizations through his ability to match resources and talent with projects.  In the area of technology, Tony is able to work on a one-on-one basis and for entire organizations.  He evaluates/audits current technology use, assesses needs and then optimizes resources to acquire the most appropriate technology in the most cost effective manner.  Tony is available to provide consultations on technology and to develop a well-thoughtout technology program that maximizes productivity and eliminates waste.


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